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We do not collect, store or share any personal information, expect non-identifiable data such as internet cookies, crash logs. These are used to improve the user experience.

Information from Others:  

We collect information about you when we receive it from other users, third parties, and affiliates. For example, when you connect your account to third-party services or sign in using a third-party partner (like Google Play Game Services, iOS Game Center or Facebook), we collect information in accordance with the privacy policies and authorization procedures determined by those services.

We do not collect, store or share your location.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us.

GameSalad (Game engine)
The games Black Metal Man, Black Metal Man 2, Die For Metal, Die For Metal Again, Cat Pong and Vertigoo are all made using GameSalad, an engine developed and distributed by GameSalad, Inc. GameSalad`s privacy policy is available at https://www.gamesalad.com/privacy

Unity (Game engine): (upcoming games)

The game Moshpit - Heavy Metal is war, is made in Unity with no additional tracking service. Please see this link for Unity`s privacy policy.


Privacy Policyfor this site

We do not collect or store any personal information.

This site usesWix. Wix privacy policy is available at  https://no.wix.com/about/privacy


Information about cookies
(1) To optimize our web presence, we use cookies. These are small text files stored in your computer`s main memory. These cookies are deleted after you close the browser. Other cookies remain on your computer (long-term cookies) and permit its recognition on your next visit. This allows us to improve your access to our site.
(2) You can prevent storage of cookies by choosing a disable cookies option in your browser settings. But this can limit the functionality of our Internet offers as a result.

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