This is SinSquid Games, and we make games for Metalheads, Headbangers and freaks.

Brutal Brutalness

a Heavy Metal journey

Black Metal Man II

Fjords Of Chaos

Die For Metal Again

Die For Metal

Black Metal Man

Brutal Brutalness - A heavy metal journey

A game about retrieving the missing band-members from a brutal world of death, destruction and evil. You must fight your way through 30 brutal levels, beat the bosses, kill everything and be brutal!

Theme song from Novembers Doom
30 Levels
3 Boss fights
Brutal soundtrack


Black Metal Man II - Fjords of Chaos

It`s 1994 in a small nihilistic town in Norway. Black Metal is still an underground movement, grim, brutal and dark. There`s a festival coming up, the Kriegfest 94 Festival, and you need to be there!

This game probably have the most extreme soundtrack in any game, ever, until the end of all life.
16 songs, 20 levels, Church visits,Bunker headbanging
and great nature experiences.


Die For Metal Again

Rob Grinderface experienced an exploding death trying to listen to the new Gory Wardeath album, it was just to heavy. But there was no more room in hell for him, so now he has to fight his way through a dark Limbo to earn his place.

This is the sequel to Die For Metal, and it brings more brutal in-your-face Metal music, dark atmosphere, and cruel worlds to dominate.


Die For Metal

It’s a brutal battle to be a member of a legendary death-metal band. But if you have the balls, you could do it.

Die For Metal is a 2D Platformer where you play as a pagan metal-viking, battling though 3 worlds, with 45 levels, from ridiculously easy, to extremely hardcore.

You will die a lot. But luckily your deaths will be counted, so you can brag to your Metal friends about how much you have died for Metal.


Black Metal Man

Top 1 game – adventure, in norway. Week 31 – 2012
Top 4 game – action, in norway. Week 31 – 2012

Brutal metal music, exhausting gameplay, awesome power ups and dark graphics.

You follow the story of a man fleeing from the light and his fight to reach the depths of hell. Be brave as you run, jump, dies and resurrect. This is no ordinary man we`re talking about, this is the Black Metal Man.

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